Summer 2014?

Oh, I see you’re looking at my blog at Three Chord Me. That’s cool, but you should probably know that I don’t blog here anymore. Instead I’ve got some stuff set up at and mostly I’m blogging about art and trying to be an artist. The primary reason I’ve left this page up is […]

Two Dollar Couplets

Did you screw up today and buy a gas station gift? Well I’ve got an idea that don’t stink of thrift. How about a rhyming poem each couplet is two bucks And with your sweetheart you’ll have the best luck Maybe you’re laughing but this ain’t a joke I need some extra cash to be […]

Long Time Coming

I’ve all but deleted this site. It feels kind of liberating. For the two people who have ever read this and are freaking out about 152 past blog posts, fret not. If there was anything good in there I can bring it all back. It’s just not published at the moment. Some things in case […]

Love Is A Social Construct, Baby

Love Is A Social Construct, Baby (3:49) This was recorded mid-December with my friend Jared at his practice space. He’s on the cajon and backing vocals and I’m guitar and vocals. Recorded simply with the built-in mic on my laptop. Happy Valentine’s Day.