Long Time Coming

I’ve all but deleted this site. It feels kind of liberating. For the two people who have ever read this and are freaking out about 152 past blog posts, fret not. If there was anything good in there I can bring it all back. It’s just not published at the moment.

Some things in case you haven’t heard…

Earlier this year I became a homeowner. It fills a lot of my time. Progress is being made, but I’m a little disgusted with the color I just painted the kitchen.

I’ve got some other big plans. Art prints. Writing. Furniture designs. Custom guitars. It would be nice to have a little more time and money at my disposal. I might take a week off in September to churn some ideas out.

A couple weeks ago I joined a gym and started sessions with a trainer. It takes a little more time than I’d like, but hopefully it will pay off.

No motorcycle for me this year. It looks like I owe the IRS a penalty on the retirement money I withdrew for my house payment. Drag. Might get some drums though. Drums are cool.

Anyway, it’s been a most weird 2013 so far and we’re only about half done. More details in a newsletter soon…maybe.


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